You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

This is so inaccurate it actually hurts. No ladies, you won’t get paid less for doing the same job and equal work. Basic research is honestly not even that hard. The wage gap counts for hours worked, and different jobs, and whether you like it or not, men tend to work longer hours and jobs ladies generally don’t want to take. If you actually wanted to close the wage gap you’d try studying and working toward something that is actually more worthwhile than flaunting your degree in gender studies online. It’s completely and utterly illegal to pay someone less for the same job, if I were to work at Starbucks as a barista I’m not going to be earning .70 cents for every dollar my fellow baristas make, and to think that I would is absolutely absurd.

I’d like the author to get off her high horse in thinking that she’s here to defend all women, trust me when I say, I don’t need you out there “marching for me” in your pussy hats or whatever other ridiculous “statements” women that want to be victims so badly have to bring to the table.

If you don’t think you have enough rights over your body I fully invite you to go check out places like Saudi where you really don’t have those rights and all the whining and crying supposed feminists do in the west seems like a joke to those women who actually are oppressed.

“ You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were raped.” Of course you do, and that’s not a sign of “oppression”. We can’t just believe every “victim” that comes out, people are innocent until they’re proven guilty. There are tons of women who also lie and fake being raped or assaulted just to get men/others in trouble. We can’t just believe every victim ever right off the bat, I’m surprised I even have to explain this.

Do you actually live in a bubble? “You are still catcalled. You are still sexualized. You are still told you’re too skinny or you’re too fat.” Men are also sexualized, men are also criticized on whether or not they’re too skinny or too fat and even height can come into the question.

‘You’re applauded when you “age gracefully.”’ I am absolutely positive this also happens with men, I’ve seen people congratulate my own father several times because he’s getting older and still has no signs of grey hair. There’s literally nothing wrong with telling someone they still look youthful. I wasn’t aware even compliments are signs of supposed abuse?

“You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend.” Men can still get abused by their wives and girlfriends? What is this logic? What is this entire article? Who actually believes this is only for women?

No thanks, I’m not going to thank the likes of Gloria Steinem for supposedly “standing up for me” and I also refuse to be a victim, because I’m not one. Do some basic research, ladies.

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