List of Tourist Attractions to Visit in Herculaneum

Herculaneum, a city that is worldwide famous for its historical importance and is known to be one of the preferred destinations of tourists from all across the globe. Herculaneum is situated in the southeast region of Naples in the bay of Tyrrhenian Sea that presents a spectacular landscape for tourists.

If you are planning a trip to Herculaneum, provided below is the list of some popular attractions in the surrounding area that are a must to visit for everyone. Have a look.

Places to Visit in Herculaneum

1. Large Inn

Large Inn in Herculaneum is a beautiful patrician house that has now been converted into an Inn for tourists. This Inn has a stunning terrace on the side that overlooks the sea providing visitors a magnificent ocean view with the backdrop of ancient remains. Adjacent to the Large Inn, there is a House of Skeleton that comprises of valuable paintings and mosaics that are definitely worth looking.

2.House of Mosaic Atrium

Situated along the southern direction of Cardo IV, House of Atrium is another beautiful monument that exudes brilliant ancient Roman vibe. This structure has been at the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world and is known for its artistic value. This House of Mosaic Atrium mansion is highly spacious and is designed in a sumptuous manner that makes it amongst the major attractions of Herculaneum.

3.Samnite House

Samnite House is located at the corner side of Cardo IV and is amongst the oldest of the patrician houses present in the entire city of Herculaneum. The mansion is renowned for its stunning fresco decoration that makes it among the most coveted tourist destination in the entire city of Herculaneum. The building is also known for rich stucco and regularized paving that look stunning from every corner.

4.House of Relief of Telephus

Located near the sea bed and in the north eastern region of House of Gem, House of the Relief of Telephus is known for its sheer elegance and striking beauty. This place is a recommended visit for all tourists and is counted among the few roman structures that bear a brilliant artistic excellence.

5.House of Bicentenary

Discovered in 1938, House of Bicentenary is situated on the parallel of the Decumanus inferior in the northern region. This house is another great example of Roman excellence in building monuments. This house is also one of the major attractions of Herculaneum and is indeed a must visit for all tourists.

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