Facebook is Pushing My Love Buttons

The Facebook “love” button is finally here.

Oh sorry, “Love” with a capital “L.”

It makes sense. I mean, we’ve all wanted it for so long, right? Those kitten vids, that breakdance-beatbox clip, your favorite quote someone just happened to post—we needed that heart.

We needed that heart?

Now I’m not so sure.

Of course, right? Begging for that love button, flicking heart emojis ❤ into threads like it’s nothing ❤, stating “LOVE” or “love it” into posts when obviously no other sentiment would due. And now that it’s here, now that I’ve thrown out a heart ❤ or two ❤ ❤…

I feel how empty the word “love” is becoming.

We all know eskimos have, like, a million words for snow.

We have one word for Love.

I mean, of course there are other awesome words like, passion, lust, infatuation, adoration, attachment, (okay, definitely referencing Apple’s thesaurus for this demo) vigor, obsession, worship, regards, compassion, caring, respect, admiration, acknowledge, follow, surrender to, submit to, like, prefer, …

… overstate, dramatize, over-the-top, pouring-it-on-too-thick, not-quite-genuine, maybe-even-faking-it, definitely-exaggerating-what-we-truly-FEEL.

We love our car, we love our money, we love our job.

We love our meal, we love our new outfit, we love our hairdresser.

We love our iPhone 6s, we love our success, we love our passion for life.

We love what we like.

We love what we are excited about.

We love what we are entertained by.

We love expressing ourselves with the word, “love.”

Don’t lose heart. There is definitely nothing wrong with this.

I love the word love. I love, love, love it.

But as we “love” Facebook posts about everything and nothing, let’s make sure to keep it a lowercase “l.”

❤ I love my car ❤ I love my job ❤ I love my hairdresser ❤

And when I’m ready to share my heart with another — each time I have the strength to show myself the depths of my being and fall in Love with my core — I want to make sure that “Love” still holds the energy and power of a single definition.

I Love my life.

I Love my loved ones.

I Love my self.

So just ask yourself, do you truly Love what you’re “loving”?