I’m A Broke, Crazy, Separated, Self-Centered Woman Committed To A Boy Toy.
Liz Lazzara

Thank you for this. The paragraph about the “crazy” label being the only thing that got under your skin hit me hard today and I needed that. My (usually very sweet and understanding boyfriend) joking calls me crazy from time to time when we have a particularly entertaining night out and I get overly emotional about something and pick a fight. It bothers me, and I told him, but his response was not really remorseful. It seemed he felt justified due to my behavior. I have mild anxiety/depression, and I am fortunate enough (with a small dose of daily medication) to function very well for the most part. I would never consider myself actually “crazy”. But my mom and my sister who have both been hospitalized on multiple occasions for their severe cases of bipolar disorder? If they aren’t “crazy” than who is, right? I mean how dare they be such lunatics? Anyway, that paragraph really made me feel justified in not feeling ok with being called “crazy” whether it’s jokingly or not and I shared it with my boyfriend and wanted to thank you.

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