Our love was a supernova

A moment of beauty that was purely destruction from the start

We shined like comets in each other’s eyes and then vanished into a cold inevitable dark

Our love was like a meteor racing through the night

Fiery and falling so fast we hardly even saw the light

The memory of us danced in the sky reminding us of better days

But came to an end when we both realized it was never meant to stay

I was a black hole so reckless and destructive

And he mistook my carelessness for beautiful and seductive

I pulled him in and all at once I destroyed him as a whole

Diminishing his marvelous light and scaring his beautiful soul

He was a an entire galaxy and I was a grain of sand

Why he chose me as his wish on a star I still don’t understand

He was the perfect sunset and I was a solar eclipse

Blocking his light and shutting him out as if he didn’t even exist

I was an asteroid destroying everything that I touched

Yet he looked at me like I was the entire universe and he loved me as such

But soon he realized that I was never the universe only Jupiter in disguise

My gravity was strong and I was beautiful but I had no foundation to sustain someone else’s life

He finally saw that he was traveling light years but only from running circles around me

And for the sake of love he tried morphing me into a constellation that we both would agree was pretty

But I was not Cassiopeia or Andromeda or any goddess to say the least

I was more like Hydra or Cetus a cruel and dangerous beast

He was trying to fit Jupiter into Pluto and he knew that he never could

So he left the Milky Way behind with me inside like I never thought he would

I watched him dance through galaxies trying to forget my existence

Never knowing that he would manage and it was my mind that would never erase this

He found his light again in the curves of the constellations of women that I couldn’t be for him

And he accepted that it wasn’t his fault that I sought comfort in the arms of other men

He finally understood that at the time I didn’t want to choose a single star to stare at forever

And even though I loved him I’d be settling if I had let us stay together

I know that eventually I too will see the whole universe in someone else’s eyes

And then he will see that he simply loved the right person at the wrong time

Because no I was not ready to stop exploring the galaxy when we fell in love

But yes I realize now that even then he was so much more than enough

He was a shooting star that blazed through my sky at the wrong time

And I was a child who looked away to stare into someone else’s empty eyes

I was a satellite searching the atmosphere for affection that he was trying to give me

And to this day I would cross galaxies to get back to where we used to be

They say that time heals all wounds but not even time can close a black hole

I will forever be in a constant state of destruction unintentionally harming anyone who tries to get close

And he will always be too distant to touch but I can still see him if the skies are clear

He will wave and I will smile and we’ll remember exactly how we got here

We will reminisce on days when we were young and saw comets in each other’s eyes

And we will remember that there is still infinite beauty in the way that a star dies

He said thank you when I broke his heart because I taught him more about the universe

How everyone’s vail must be broken and eventually everyone has to get hurt

He is wiser than any soul I have come across on this planet

And I was blessed to have known his mind for the beautiful things that are in it

He was every single wish on a shooting star I had ever made

Only I didn’t realize it was always him until it was way more than just too late

And now our love is a nebula in my memory hazy and out of reach

But I will remember him as the sun for all that he gave to me

I never realized that I was the moon whose face only glowed in the reflection of his

And he watched me glow for other men who never amounted to half of what he did

Every day I took for granted the way his rays filled me with life

And I traded him for rainy days and long restless nights

But still he is the sun and without him my moon would never shine

He is and always will be the star I left behind.

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