5 Tips to Create Developer Personas

There are tons of different developers in the world. Some work in start-ups, some in Fortune 500 companies. Some prefer to work alone, some thrive in collaboration. Understanding your developer audience can impact everything from your branding to your documentation.

To create developer personas, first make sure you’ve narrowed down your target developer — by industry, development process, physical environment, etc. Next you can start to design your study. Here are some tips on what to include in your study:

  1. Background and Company — Ask about their role and their journey to their current position. Take this opportunity to explore their experience with internal and external APIs — likes, dislikes, etc.
  2. Walk a Day in Their Shoes — Have the participant walk through their day to get a sense of their priority. This can start to flesh out pain points in their experience when integrating APIs.
  3. Problem Solving — What happens when they’re stumped? Walking through how they problem solve can help you design your technical support and tell you which developer communities are important for marketing.
  4. Team Structure — Lean about their development cycle and their collaboration preferences and processes. This can give you insight into how decisions are made, velocity, and how/when documentation is the most important.
  5. New Tech — How do they stay on top of all the new technologies? This can tell you whether they have a specialized of broad skillset. Also, you can learn how their company implements training and preferred/required tech stacks.