Lauren Modery

This interview will answer some questions you asked and maybe some others you have not have considered.

Your post made me laugh quite a few times, but the longer I live in tiny spaces (currently, a small garage, but in my tiny house when it’s done), the more I feel that the issues you brought up are not that big of a deal.

I don’t have kids, so that immediately makes tiny dwelling easier, especially when you mention privacy and sexy time. How does it look clean? Put your shit away. “Away” doesn’t have to be organized, it’s just out of sight. Storage requires planning in the early stages, but can easily be incorporated via the couch, stairs, ceiling, and vertically.

When you get on each other’s nerves, go outside; tiny house people tend to be nature lovers anyway. Leaving my fuzzy caccoon of wi-fi, blankets, and chirping birds (to deal with the real world) is tough, but when tension builds, I hightail it to the library or a cafe. Libraries also solve the book storage issue. I’m not a kindle kind of reader; I like to hold books in my hand.

The couch doubles as a sleeping space for two, so if more than two people want to visit, they can flip a coin for who camps in the yard. We have enough settings for four people, and most things in the kitchen are multi-functional.

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