Chinese Tour Groups Suck
Panpan Wang

Thank you for this article. It really hits close to home. I grew up in the states but both my parents are from China, mother from Hebei and father from Henan. I have heard stories from them about receiving an egg as a birthday present and studying hard so they could be the 1 of 3 students from the county to go to college. I have also been on the other side of this debate, feeling almost ashamed of the Chinese tourists that flock Western cities and trash tour sites. When I traveled to Europe, I feel I experienced a lot of discrimination simply because I was Chinese, and locals there assumed I would act like the other Chinese tourists, making me detest the fact that I was bunched with that group and ashamed of my heritage. I really agree with what you said, that we have to be more open-minded about travelers from all over the world. It won’t be an easy change, but it is more than necessary as the world becomes more open and connected.

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