All you need to know about Siebel Mobile Client

Customer relationship management world is filled with applications, plug-ins, add-ons and just as many standalone software solutions that it is often quite confusing to choose just one and, what’s more important, to choose the right one. As a result many business owners purchase different CRM packages that just simply do not fulfill the specific requirements of their company, but rather are a general solution to a general problem. Having a CRM solution that does not concentrate on the particular requirements of your company is even worse than having no CRM package, as the information gathered is not only useless but it can be harmful to the business as well. So, what to do if you are a freshly opened business, looking for something a bit more than a generic CRM solution? Research! We have decided to do a bit of research on Siebel Company ourselves all in hope that it will help you. The following article concentrates on the Siebel Mobile Client application.

A little bit about Siebel Company

Siebel Company was founded in the’ 90s but it was later bought by the Oracle in 2005, which was the turning point for it as it went from a sales force automation products company into a software one, principally engaged in the design, development, marketing, and support of customer relationship management applications. The last ten years it has been building a name for it in the CRM world, constantly developing app after app, in order to satisfy the needs of the broadest CRM-interested audience. When everyone started going mobile, Siebel jumped on that mobility bandwagon as well, developing several applications specifically targeting employees on the go as well as customers using the handheld devices. One of the applications is the Siebel Mobile Client, i.e. one of the most popular Siebel customer relationship management applications.

Siebel Mobile Client

Described as a portable Microsoft Windows, Siebel Mobile Client is an app that best suits the mobile workers who are not always connected to the Internet, as the app can actually run in both environments, connected and disconnected. The Siebel Mobile Client takes advantage of the database found on the handheld device, by storing important information about the customers, orders, invoices, etc on it. As the information has to be current and up to date, there is an automatic update on a regular basis. The app hence connects the handheld device with the Remote Server, syncing up the data whenever there is a secure bandwidth. However, as the information on the Remote Server can be quite versatile and broad, the Siebel Mobile Client is equipped with Selective Retrieval feature, that allows only the most important information to be downloaded, thus shortening the time it takes to download it and in the process saving space on the handheld device.

Siebel Mobile Client creates a connection not only between mobile employees and their desktop managers but also among mobile employees themselves thanks to its Store/forward messages feature. As a result, the team is far more productive, sales are easier to make and there are less miscommunications between the team members.

Another benefit of Siebel Mobile Client is that it is easily installed and run, as it is supported by different standalone CRM solutions, such as Resco CRM.

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