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Did you know that women don’t need much time after an orgasm until they can get another one, and that they can climax several times during a sex session while continuously being stimulated? Amazing, right?

If you are one of those who thinks that a multiple orgasm is a myth, then I’ve got some good news for you: With a little training, we should all be able to get it!

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Multiple orgasms are classified as sequential- and serial. The difference is that sequential orgasms come with short rest period in between; i.e. after you have the first orgasm, you stop, go pee, drink a little water, and then go again, i.e. 2–10 min between orgasms. On the other hand, serial orgasm is the ability to reach an orgasm, continuously stimulate with no dip in arousal between (i.e. the sex doesn’t stop) and reach another orgasm, and another, and another right after another.

Ok, let’s go!
Certainly, on many occasions you reach an orgasm and it was so good and you’re so comfortable that you just don’t need more. That’s great! But if you want to experience multiple orgasms, the primary thing you have to do is really “wanting to orgasm”.

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Look at the calendar
When we ovulate the increase in hormones unleashes our sexual desire which increases the chances of reaching an orgasm by 1000%. So, take advantage of that time when your body is more sensitive to become a sex master and an expert of your own orgasm.

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Forget what you’ve heard
Forget everything about taboos and start daring to experience new things. Try watching an erotic movie or even porn — either alone or with a partner — read erotic literature… It’s about bringing to life that naughty side of yours that you’ve been hiding and simply enjoy it.

Free your mind
“Free your mind and you ass will follow” (who likes Funkadelic?) J Basically, you need to relax and focus 100% on the sex itself. If you’re thinking about work or making a shopping list in your head, it will be far harder to reach your multi-orgasmic goal. Focus your attention on your vagina — sort of mind-vagina connection — try to breathe and really put your mind on it. Keep the room warm and feel comfortable.

Here I’m really talking about physical training; i.e. gym or whatever. Exercising increases testosterone in women too, which improves circulation and blood-flow to your vagina and increases overall orgasmic ability; i.e. it prepares your body for better sex. Seriously! Just try proving me wrong on this one.

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Play with the crown jewel
The clitoris is the relic of pleasure for women and a key to multiple orgasm. Many of us girls experience super sensitive clitoris after orgasm and we don’t feel like continuing stimulating it, but that is something you have to overcome. I like to call it “breaking the wall” — i.e. force yourself to continue and maintain the feeling of pleasure and go on and on and on and on… A good idea is to use lubricant to soften everything — if you don’t have lubricant there, feel free to use coconut oil, or even olive oil. Seriously. I speak from experience :)


If you get your first orgasm with your partner with oral sex, it will be easier to follow through with penetration, either penis or a toy. If you’ve already reached the point of wanting this, then a seriously good idea is to explore the basics of tantra. It can help, believe me! Check out some of the basics here: Five Fundamentals to Take Your First Steps in Tantric Sex

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Stay in control
Put yourself in a position where you can control well the stimulation you give your clitoris and even stimulate yourself with a toy while your partner penetrates you. This toy here, and this as well, are both amazing for clitoral stimulation and excellent for the purpose we’re discussing here. It’s time to take those orgasms to the next level.


Imagine, if having an orgasm is so good, having several must be heavenly!

Original post published by Room Privée on October 19, 2019: Multiple Orgasms: How to…

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MRes in Sexology and Co-Founder at Room Privée, educator, coach, and avid promoter of sexual wellness, sex positivity, and general self-love ❤

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