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Men love their penis and are prone to see it as the centre of all things good. Maybe it is, at least partly, and through the millenniums civilizations have adored the penis as symbol of fertility and growth. Although the importance of the penis has drastically decreased in past decades, the little captain still has its place. Let’s do the dick talk!

Just like the vagina, the penis is made up of many parts that that are simply essential for you to… fulfil your mission. We’re going to discuss them and know them by name, so you can get the most out of each and every part.

The glans
The glans, better known as the head, is where most nerve endings of the penis are concentrated. It has 4000 of them, which is just half of what the clitoris has. Additionally, it works a bit as a kind of a “shock absorber” to protect the cervix from possible damage. It’s a bit thicker than the rest of the penis, especially the corona as you can see in the image below.

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Fun fact: the corona is thicker to keep the newly ejaculated semen inside the vagina, which is the natural way to increase the chances of pregnancy.

When playing with your partner, pay good attention to the head, and especially the corona. It’s so sensitive that many men can ejaculate by simply massaging the corona gently. Add good amount of lubricant or aromatic essential oils to your hands and give him a sensual “head massage”.

The foreskin is the skin that covers the glans and tis purpose is to protect it from unnecessary friction. The glands that are hidden under the foreskin generate an oily substance that naturally lubricates. But, if this only substance is not cleaned well, it can mix with dead skin cells and produce something known as smegma; a whitish substance similar to cottage cheese. If not cleaned away, it can cause infections and bad smell. No one wants that…

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Expert advice: If you’re refraining from giving your partner oral sex because you doubt their personal hygiene, suggest taking a shower together and make sure everything is in order.

The testicles are where the sperm is made and kept. A holy place for all men! The sperm is kept at a temperature that doesn’t kill, away from the body and the heat. They are also responsible for producing testosterone, the “male hormone” responsible for the development of the testicles and prostate, the development of muscles, bones, body hair growth and many other things. So, testicles are pretty important stuff for men.

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If you want some extra points from your partner when you give him a fellatio or a hand-job, don’t forget to stimulate the testicles… They are super sensitive and can give lot of pleasure. Sometimes we forget that they are there and they also deserve a lot of love :)

Expert advice: Press a powerful silicone vibrating magic wand, such as this one, on the perineum (that’s the no-man’s land between the testicles and the anus), so you will be stimulating the testicles and perineum at the same time. He’s gonna love it!

So, why does the penis… rise?
It’s certainly not magic… it’s the corpus cavernosum which is one of a pair of sponge-like regions of erectile tissue. You can imagine the cavernous and spongy bodies as 3 columns formed of erectile tissue, that is, when the person is turned on, these “columns” swell with blood, getting the well-known ERECTION.

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That’s why it’s said that during play, they cannot think because all the blood is “there” :)


And now that you’re a little wiser bout the little captain, you will surely treat him with more love and pay attention to his most sensitive areas.

Original post by Room Privée, published on January 2, 2020: The Penis Explained

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MRes in Sexology and Co-Founder at Room Privée, educator, coach, and avid promoter of sexual wellness, sex positivity, and general self-love ❤

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