To call my childhood unhappy would be insulting to people whose lives actually were undertakings. No matter how angry I look in that photo, it’s just a moment. My mother says I still look like that sour little baby whenever I get mad. I don’t know how old I was in the photograph. I don’t know a lot of things.

China’s one-child policy, like so many things, is simple in theory. the Chinese economy boomed under a new political system, the population grew past recommended capacity, the government decided to revert to the most extreme form of family planning that…

A deep-dive into the hit Harry Styles fanfiction: After and how structure informs narrative

After by Anna Todd, former Wattpad story cover

I remember being in sixth grade on the bus, watching to two of my-then best friends hunched over a state of the art iPhone 4S, chattering on and on about stories on everyone’s favorite orange fanfiction app: Wattpad. For the uneducated, Wattpad is an online platform for users to write and publish works of original writing for other community members to read, comment on and follow. It launched in 2007 and saw tremendous growth following the advent of smartphone technology and digital applications. And a primary feature of the site and its success is its popularity amongst adolescent girls.


Emily Sor

writer, dumbass, almost burnout. trying to improve

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