Learning about #ChatSnap

I have been on social media for quite some time now but have never heard of a Twitter chat until my Social Media Management course at the University of Florida.

Twitter chats can be beneficial to those who are looking for some kind of conversation on a topic that they enjoy! #ChatSnap happens on a weekly basis on Wednesday’s at 2 PM EST! Unfortunately, I couldn’t join in on a chat because the week I chose to do it she had canceled it. However, I went back and looked at #ChatSnap from the week before and was impressed with the amount of interaction and how inviting people in the chat were.

I will be tuning in for the next #ChatSnap on Wednesday, February 22nd where she will be having the 2017 Nominee Snapchatter of the year Matt Fogarty!

I am hoping that I will be able to:

  • Learn about how others use their SnapChat
  • Get a perspective on what people think of SnapChat filters like these
  • Follow some more people on SnapChat to look at their stories
  • and lastly, hear what Matt Fogarty has to say about #ChatSnap.

Because I am a telecommunications major with a track in media and society I think that this Twitter chat can help me better understand using SnapChat for a business or even just posting entertaining material that people will want to see.

My one comment about Twitter chats is that I feel like it can be hard to keep up with what is happening during them if you don’t have Tweetdeck or something like it to be able to keep up with all the hashtags of #ChatSnap. I know when browsing Twitter if you search for something and then get a notification or accidentally hit the home button it will take you out of your search and you will have to research for what you are looking for.

I think that there could be a better platform to have chats on, or if you want to have a Twitter chat there could be an alternative place to talk to make sure you don’t miss out on something and it can be easily found. For example, there is an app that people can download on their phones and computer called the Discord app and you can join in on conversations via text and there is even an option to sit in a call and talk with people. So I think that maybe having something like this where people can look what happened at the last Twitter chat would be beneficial to the growth of it.