Consumerism — a rant

So its was a rainy day today, one of those days where you can’t help but feel NQR. Staying inside is an option, but that seems more sad than going out (and when I did that yesterday I watched a documentary on Hunter S Thompson, slept for 18 hours and drank some artisan whisky with my cats) and mindlessly wandering through the city. So that’s what I did.

I’m not much of a fan of shopping centres, but they are the temples of this age and truly there are not all that many alternatives on a day that makes you wonder why you stumbled out of bed in the first place. I walked past the shops with shiny lights and advertising that screams ‘buy this, you’ll feel better about your meaningless existence’.

So I did, within half an hour, regardless of my intentions to not buy anything BOOM a necklace that is beautiful but I don’t need, BOOM a pair of undies that make me feel like I’m one of the sexy cast members from sons of anarchy, BOOM some make-up that makes you feel good for one second, because then, maybe then you’ll look like the girl on the ad who is 25 kilograms lighter than you and epitomises the ideal of beauty. I was pondering this and thinking, I really don’t need anything, maybe I should do something contructive with my afternoon.

Then disaster strikes, as I am trying to pay for some cream that’s suppost to fix my eczema but that is also sustainable, not tested on animals and makes you smell gorgeous (again something I obviously don’t need) my credit card is declined. Declined? This is probably the first time in my life there is absolutely no doubt there is money inside that card. I go to the ATM outside the shop, sure that that will work. Stunned I am met with ‘you are temporarily unable to make this transaction’. Blank stare — I try again at a different ATM and recieve the same message. I use my credit instead of my savings account with the same responce. This is like a guy telling me in monotone that ‘computer says no’. WTF?

Is this God barring my card because he (or she) heard me pondering whether I should go home and not engage with anymore of this consumerist shopping business? I was just thinking how vacuous the whole thing is anyway. Well, that’s okay I suppose, the universe heard me, and delivered me from the shackles of buying things I don’t need.

But once you are in the vortex of consumerism it is very hard to get out. My parking comes to $28 and my card is still not working — so much for making a quick escape . Well this is just great, GREAT. I sit down and fish around in the bottom of my bag, it is moments like this I am thrilled that I toss loads of coins in there. I have $27.10 cents. Seriously life. I try my card again — declined. WTF? I don’t know whether I am liking this cosmic interference anymore. It’s getting a little old. At a loss I force myself to ask a passerby ‘I am so sorry to ask this but my card keeps getting declined and I am short 90 cents in coins for my parking’. Humanity prevails and I am given 90 cents without question. Hurrah! This doesn’t stop me from loosing my car in the labyrinth that they like to call a carpark, but I am free finally. Maybe next time I should just stay home.

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