Feel the Bern

Integrity breeds trust. Honesty breeds honesty. This is why I am a strong Bernie Sanders supporter.

Bernie has been in politics forever, and from all that I have researched about him online, he has always been a determined advocate for the average American. He truly cares about the lower and middle class. I need someone like that to be our next POTUS. I need someone who is unwavering in his morals. I need someone who has been fighting for civil rights since he was attending the University of Chicago. I need someone who is the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history.

In addition to his strong background in politics, he also refuses to take donations from the 1% like Wall Street and lobbyists he does not agree with. That is the definition of someone that I can trust. My first priority in selecting a politician to vote for is whether or not they have integrity. The fact that Bernie has been unwavering in his ideologies, it truly demonstrates his power to serve the average American.

You don’t have to support Bernie. But I do hope that you decide to vote this June y’all.


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