The Interview

To me, I was always baffled by how people ace interviews. How do people have the ability to talk without their voices wavering? How do people speak with such conviction in their voice and confidence in their abilities?

I grew up as a shy person, terrified of public speaking. I did it only in school when we had to give presentations. Even then I felt embarrassed when my voice would shake and my heart would race. I remember dreading going first as well as dreading going last. No matter the situation, I dreaded the hell out of it.

Fast forward six years later, I have found myself to embody the people I have always admired. Today, I had an interview with GameStop corporate. I spoke with such confidence and ease that my interview ran an hour long. The district leader had so many questions for me, trying to throw me off with curveball after curveball. I am happy to say that I hit a home run every damn time.

Moral of the story kids, don’t worry about growing up so fast. Confidence, grace, and skill all come with age. To the thirteen year old me, don’t you fret, believe me, you’ve got what it takes.