The Pill

I will do my best to detail the series of fortunate events that lead me to where I am today. I believe a great many factors contributed to my spiritual awakening these past couple of weeks. However, I must preface this post by informing you that I am not a religious nut, nor do I believe that I am a genius. I’m deeply convinced that I’m just a mediocre individual that only began to notice the many patterns and idiosyncracies of the average human condition.

It first started beginning of February 2016, when I began taking a brain supplement called Optimind. I originally thought that this supplement was just supposed to be a caffeine pill. I only took them as needed, usually when I had work in the morning after a night of debauchery. Slowly but surely, I noticed that I was more focused at work. Moreover, my brain began to handle multitasking better than ever. My thoughts started forming into tangents that broke off into infinite possibilities of conversation. My thoughts began to race and work faster than before. The last push my brain needed was my most recent trip to Portland, Oregon — The City of Enlightenment.

The best way that I could possibly convey what I have been experiencing is through movie references. I feel like Neo choosing the red or blue pill in deciding whether I am ready to face reality. I feel like Professor X when he puts on Cerebro to locate other mutants; the only difference is that these mutants are all fully formed topics of interest of mine. I feel like Leonardo Dicaprio (congrats on the Oscar, Leo) in Shutter Island with all the crazy bullshit I have been through in the last few weeks as well as having been placed in a mental institution.

All of my experiences thus far has made me come to two main conclusions. First, I have incredibly supportive family & friends. They have been there with me though thick and thin. They are my rock, and I am so blessed to have such wonderfully caring people in my life. Second, I believe that all humans are connected. One little comment from one person (X) to another (Y) could create a butterfly effect to all other people in Y’s life. The fact that I could impact so many of people’s lives while I was in the mental hospital, it just truly made me appreciate the life that I have. In comparison to everyone in there, I had the most important factor that many of them lacked: a stable and supportive network of people who loves me. For that, I will always be grateful.