Zillennials: The Generation Nobody Talks About

But one of the most fascinating out there

Emily Warna
5 min readAug 24, 2019


Retracing our footsteps

This is a Game Boy Color. This wasn’t my Game Boy Color — mine was purple. This was the second Game Boy in the series, after the Game Boy Original, before the Game Boy Advance. After that, the Game Boy SP.

If you look at this and feel nostalgic, chances are you often find yourself in that uncomfortable middle ground between the entitled Millennial and the iChild, or Generation Z.

More importantly, if you’ve ever felt alone in being stuck between two rather rigidly defined generations — in not quite fitting into either of the above — well, you’re not alone. I’ve felt it, my friends have, and I think it’s safe to say that the majority of 90s kids feel it.

We’re the kids who grew up with tech around us, but we’re also the kids who didn’t come out of the womb tablet in hand. We don’t really remember a time when the internet didn’t exist or when you had to dial somewhere external to access it, but we weren’t connected 24/7 from the get-go. We remember a time when respite from the Internet existed.

We’re the kids who were taught to touch-type from a young age; the guinea pigs who had I.T. lessons introduced into our curriculum. But we’re also the kids who felt the sense of pride from being allowed to transition from pencil to pen in class; the ones who received prizes for best handwriting of the month.

We listened to S Club 7, we got excited over the latest release of High School Musical, and we collected and traded stickers in the playground.

We discovered ad blockers and we loved them. At the same time, we’d also been taught to wait through the television ad breaks back in the days of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Sometimes named Millennial, sometimes Gen-Z, we’re neither of thw two. We’re a total hybrid, and I think we hold a lot of the answers to the future of coping with the rapid development of tech.

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