Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

First of all: happy birthday, Meghan! Get out of the desert immediately! (I can say that because I live here…although I’ve never been as proud of my state as I was watching protesters shut down the two roads into Saturday’s Trump rally)

Friday night: roommate and I were going to get sushi but we got lazy and ordered pizza instead. It was her turn so free pizza and Grey’s on Netflix.

Saturday: now-former-bosslady’s baby shower. Spent $50 at Target for diapers and other cute baby stuff (I COULDN’T HELP IT)

Sunday: Worked for a few hours and then got gas ($25), groceries ($14), and lunch ($8) before cleaning the hell out of my house and doing all the laundry. Roommate and her boyfriend did Postmates for dinner, so I jumped on that order ($15).

Estimated $110, actually spent $112. That doesn’t suck.

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