Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I decided last night to grab a cheap flight to LA (points, $20 for taxes, $25 for early-bird checkin (❤ u southwest)) to hang out with an um-friend and go see Chromeo ($30)…but that’s all paid for already and not part of the weekend estimate, thankyouverymuch

Parking at the airport will be about $30 for the weekend (would Uber but my house is far and it’d cost about that much each way). Hotels were pricier than we expected, so I’ll be responsible for half the hotel ($200?), and I’m guessing $100 for food and sundry over the course of the weekend. Plus I’ll need groceries ($30) and gas ($30) when I get home.

Let’s call it $400? Hell of a way to head into my Frugal February.

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