Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I don’t know anyone here. On the one hand, I miss my friends and I feel a little bit isolated; on the other, I’m saving SO MUCH MONEY because I go to happy hour and have one drink and a snack before I go “home”. (This is ultimately Good because I have to pay a security deposit today and first month’s rent in a week)

Bartender friend of a friend owes me a drink because I skipped out before his shift ended last week; so probably $10 there. Aforementioned security deposit, plus figuring out deposits for all my utilities, plus getting an idea of how much Comcast is going to gut me every month. I also need to pick up my dry cleaning (wonderfully, blessedly, free through my job) and drop off the other laundry at the wash & fold place (I’m estimating $10 for that). I’ve been super craving pancakes, so I’ll find those this weekend, $15. There’re a million things happening this weekend, so we’ll see what I can do!

Spending a little money but not estimating until my life calms down a little bit.