On Gaslighting Yourself At Work
Megan Reynolds

This is super timely, considering the week I’ve had. I actually had a conversation with my dad about a similar topic — self-worth being wrapped up in my job. We’re both musicians, and when you pour your entire self into a performance, critiques of that performance feel like especially pointed critiques of you as a person.

I only do music as a side-hustle now (mad respect for anyone who can manage the full-time hustle) but I’ve never been able to separate my job from my sense of self and self-worth. I’ve also found that it’s getting harder as I find more and more momentum toward the goals I’ve set for myself. But shouldn’t the fact that I have that momentum calm me down? By itself, it means I’m doing everything right…but then I get an email from a client calling me an ineffective communicator and threatening to pull her contract because I’m just THE WORST and it sends me into a little bit of a spiral. TGIF AMIRITE.