Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Ugh. My weekend started with a call about my promotion that is now not as great as promised. So that was not a fun start.

Friday night I sat around and got drunk at home and watched Netflix.

Saturday, did Target ($34), groceries ($28), and indie bookstore day ($46, whoops). Tried to go to Home Depot to get a piece of plywood cut for my cabinet but the lumber department’s saw wasn’t working??? idk. Still need to do that. Gas was $31.

Sunday, we did not go hiking and did bitchy brunch instead ($45). I had a lot to complain about. I had slightly too much to drink so I went home and took a nap and then watched all of Dear White People, which is Great. (Side note, is anyone else watching Harlots on Hulu? I kind of love it)

Estimated $200, spent $184

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