Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Y’all I have no idea. I need to find boxes and start packing up my life. My mom is being an angel and using rewards nights for my stops on the roadtrip (she travels for work, is super Hilton loyal, and is gifting them to me so they don’t expire). I was fully expecting to grab a Motel 6 every night, so this is amazing.

I’ve found someone who wants my mattress, someone who might want my dresser and bookshelves, so I just need to sell the couch. My goal this weekend is to pack up books, donate some clothes I haven’t worn in forever, and get Space Bags from my mom to pack out of season clothes.

No groceries, because I need to shop my freezer for the next two weeks (and then give the rest to my brother, probably). The only expense I know for sure is getting a Certificate of Mailing for the letter I’m sending my landlord since they aren’t responding to calls or emails and I *have to* be out by June 2. I’d send a Certified Letter but it’s to a PO Box and I doubt it’ll ever get signed for. Probably boxes and tape and a kitchen packing kit so I can ship that box without breaking everything (but also considering donating my plates and stuff because they’re super cheap to replace). SO MUCH TO DO.