Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Your weekend sounds like me last weekend. We started shopping and I just binged. Hard.

This weekend, though…it was 118 out here in my corner of the desert, so I wasn’t motivated to do much.

Friday, I got a chocolate shake on my way home from work ($2.26) and bought pizza for our Grey’s binge ($11.94, roommate will pay me back for half at some point).

I went to hang out with my mom on Saturday ($7.22 for fancy lemonades) but didn’t buy anything when we went shopping! I’ll need to replace my cheapo flip flops, though, because they melted walking across the parking lot back to the car. We also got our nails done, and my mom bought me dinner. Oh, and I got gas ($22.31) on my way home.

Sunday, I made an egg mcmuffin run ($4.57) and then sat in my house all day under the A/C and ceiling fans. No other way to do it. I did not go to the grocery store.

Estimated $75, spent $48.30

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