On the illusions of class mobility

Illustration by Carmen Johns

A few considerations for people unfamiliar with the cultural attachment to grass

Rusty push mower laying on the ground
  1. DO consider what it means that you have moved to a place with lawns:
    a. More rain (Don’t forget that you used to dance and pray for this. You said three days of rain would be awesome, so buck up).
    b. The sun sometimes disappears for a week. It might even disappear for an entire winter.
    c. More green everywhere (this might mean the end to red, or yellow, or pink, or purple.)
    d. There will be a LOT of white people — often with way more money than you have.

People have always fought to be free

Image: Getty Images

Emily Withnall

I teach and write in Missoula, Montana. I am working on a book about domestic violence and hydraulic fracturing. Find more of my writing at emilywithnall.com

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