Zero to Launch | Weeks 1 + 2

I recently joined Ramit Sethi’s course, Zero to Launch, with the goal of building an online business in the fitness sphere.

Key learnings

  • If people trust you, they will show it by paying you.
  • The role of the “guru:” curate the noise.
  • Focus on what people respond to. Do not project your own ideals.
  • People lie. Watch their actions.
  • Don’t sell to people who can’t or won’t pay (either can’t afford it, or are too stubborn or uninterested in changing.) The best customers are those who have already shelled out money to fix their problems.
  • How can I teach people to overcome their limiting beliefs? (E.g. “I’m lazy/unmotivated.” I patently do not believe this.)

Results from Immersion

Here’s what I’ve learned so far, from 11 phone calls:

  • Nonexercising people are sick of feeling tired all the time. Having more energy comes up in every conversation. When pressed why: fear of aging early, aging poorly. (“I shouldn’t be feeling back pains; I’m 24 years old.”)
  • Vegetarianism/veganism is seriously popular right now. Literally everyone I spoke to. I’m not completely sure what to make of this trend. People gave different reasons (health, ethics, etc.)
  • Personally, I find myself interested in working with driven, altruistic individuals (20s-30s) who have <1 year of self-trained expertise. Not as interested in helping people with serious health issues because that is outside my field of expertise.
  • People are tired of feeling uncomfortable in their own body; not living up to their ideal physical self.
  • The words “accountability,” “motivation,” “laziness” come up a lot. Ironically, the people I’ve spoke to are motivated and accountable in other areas of their life (career, academia, etc), but many struggle to make fitness a priority.
  • Two people I talked with have used accountability spreadsheets in the past (which worked for a while.) I find this fascinating.

Next steps

  • Send out this customer research survey to better understand my market. In fact, figure out just who my market is.
  • Gather a biweekly group of other aspiring entrepreneurs to discuss tactics & strategy.

Other food for thought

  • The power of a time-bound, special event, like prom, a convention, Game of Thrones, Whole 30, Overwatch season etc. Could I replicate the magic of an event?
  • Your sales page is not about you, it’s about your end user. Business is not about indulging your ego; it’s about solving a problem for your customer.
  • “It’s psychologically impossible to hit the back button on your own burning pain.” — ZTL Graduate, who’s really good at sales
  • “You’re not ever going to trick anybody. People are smart. They’re gonna pull out their wallet when they find value.” — Ramit Sethi

Intrigued? Shoot me an email at, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.