My first post!

Better late than never

So I’ve only really dabbled with blogging once before and this was a lifetime ago during my gap year…

Some of you may remember this classic guy

An amateur blogspot of mine which I believe is still accessible (oh dear), consisted of snippets from my travels far away. I have to say that this involved way more pictures than words, reflecting my absolute love for documenting through the lens *silently* rather than with flowing conversation— you may get an idea by looking at my snap happy activities on my IG page.

But ANYWAY, back to topic, here is the start of my attempt getting into the swing of blogging; reflecting and sharing my experiences at Maker’s Academy… journey from ‘fun-employed’ graduate to full stack developer in just 12 weeks! Eeek. That is a lot to take in. If I told myself this a year ago (probably writing my geography dissertation) I would not quite believe it.

As very much a noob to the world of tech industry and no previous experience of coding, I have been overwhelmed as well as excited by learning something completely new and mysterious to me. Ruby is the foreign language I have been getting to grips with since applying for the Maker’s course. Perhaps I should say not-so-foreign language, as it is widely appreciated as the most readable programming language to exist.

Pre course nerves

Let’s just say I was far too psyched when I turned up to Maker’s on the 13th of February (a month early) thinking it was the start of school! Oops.

However, I got the pleasure of meeting a few from the February cohort who were lovely and gave me some helpful tips to get through the four week pre course — meant to be done remotely of course. This included codebar; they host free workshop events around London (unfortunately I did not get to go to any), and the website, which I would later find very useful in helping to complete Codewar kata.

Realising mid conversation that I did not belong to this cohort, I still enjoyed the Pret welcome breakfast that was provided before facing the first week’s work set. I can’t say no to an almond croissant hey, some would say win win.

Pre course expectations?

No one types like this


Keyboard slamming monkey

As we come to an end with week 4 of the pre course I can’t believe that it has gone by soooooo quickly. And there I was getting quite comfortable with my work-from-home routine — being in such close proximity to the the kitchen fridge for regular food ‘breaks’ — dangerous. No doubt I found the exercises in week 3 (building a student directory) the most difficult, resulting in a frustrated and helpless me, staring blank at the computer.

Ruby doesn’t really look like this.

Despite moments of stress, I did relay a happiness of 7/10 in my feedback of the week to Maker’s, so clearly the euphoria of completing the work massively surpassed any ‘trauma’ in the process.

My sort of happy dancing

The greatest resource aside from Google? My cohort. Slack provided a means to keep in contact with the rest of my group despite not having personally met them yet. So you were never really alone when doing your work and it wasn’t long before I paired over Codewars — thank you to those who were patient with me! I don’t think I have been able to to get to level 5kyu on my absolute own.

A small group of us even met up in week 3 and 4. It was great to finally put some faces to names and a collective struggle over exercise 8.8 of the student directory meant that we could talk about the problem together and share ideas.

Looking ahead

Not going to lie, I am slightly nervous… but mostly excited to see what the next 12 weeks at Maker’s bring. There is still so much to learn yet I feel like I’ve forgotten everything already?! Does anyone else feel like this?

It’s now Sunday, time for bed, which means I HAVE to post this up before the week starts — I’ve had this draft sitting far too long and am now manically typing the first thing that comes to mind! I’m unsure whether I’ll keep a daily blog purely… maybe more of a weekly post but let’s see how it goes!

The day before Monday…

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