Static Website hosting in Azure Storage with Custom Domain and SSL support using Azure Application Gateway

Emin Askerov
Nov 7, 2018 · 6 min read
# Add you Azure Subscription IDsubscription_id = ""# Add your App ID you are using for Azure Terraform providerclient_id = ""# Add your Service Principal secret you are using for Azure Terraform providerclient_secret = ""# Add your Azure AD Tenant IDtenant_id = ""# Leave this default or changeresource_group_name = "storage-static-test-rg"# Leave this default or changevirtual_network_address_space = [""]# Leave this default or changeappgw_subnet_addr_prefix = ""# Leave this default or changedeployment_region = "eastus"# When you apply this configuration first time, leave it as is, later you will need to change itstorage_domain_name = ""# Leave this default or change (make sure it is globally unique)storage_account_name = "mystorageaccount"# Change this value to your domain namecustom_domain_name = ""# Change this value to path to your PFX SSL certificate filessl_cert_file = "mycert.pfx"# Change this value to your PFX SSL certificate passwordssl_cert_password = ""

Emin Askerov

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Cloud Architect, Evangelist

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