3 Situations Where You Can’t Do Without an Attorney

Everyone has a right to justice. But you may come across situations in life where you may feel wronged or victim of unfair dealing. In such situations, you need an expert in law on your side that can help you with your best interests in mind. Here are three important situations where you must consult an attorney.


Eminent domain or Condemnation is the power of governmental agencies to take private property for public use. If that happens to you, you are entitled to just compensation for your property being taken including the fair market value of the real property, improvements, fixtures, and equipment. Compensation can also include severance damages, loss of business goodwill, relocation assistance, and other claims.

Most business and home owners without good legal representation walk away with a fraction of what they are entitled to receive since they are up against the government who is more resourceful than them. An experienced eminent domain attorney, such as Sullivan, Workman & Dee LLP can help you maximize the value of your recovery.


Land use and zoning policies and regulations should work for you. Whether your issue is focused on a neighborhood project or an issue of regional concern, experienced land use attorneys in Los Angeles can help you in all phases of land use and zoning law — from administrative proceedings to litigation. You can get advice and assistance on a wide range of land use and zoning matters.

Land use attorneys can advise and assist clients on a wide range of land use and zoning matters including general plan and text amendments, zone changes, specific and master plans, lot line adjustments, historic preservation issues and many more issues.


There are State and federal employment laws to protect employees from illegal employment discrimination and wrongful termination. You can seek help from a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles if

· Your boss or company discriminates against you based on your race, age, religion or ethnicity

· If you are fired or demoted because of a disability or medical condition

· You are fired because you won’t work overtime without pay or you won’t lie or do something illegal for your boss or your company

· You are denied family leave

· You and other employees have a class action claim against your employer or some other right to sue as a group.

You have the right to recover lost wages, emotional distress, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. But to actually get it, you will need someone to help protect your rights and recover the damages you deserve.

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