Benefits of hiring an employment discrimination lawyer

If you are a discrimination victim and unable to fight for your rights with your boss, an employment discrimination lawyer can perhaps be of great help. Here are top five reasons how an attorney can help you against employment discrimination or wrongful termination-

Claims- filing a claim comes with an array of verification and investigation: the EEOC and TWC conduct required formalities and access our profile. In case your case does not have enough evidence, they will provide you with authority letter aka right to sue letter basis which you can file your discrimination suit without the EEOC or TWC’s help. Though EEOC and TWC officers can help you determine your eligibility to file and win the case but they are not lawyers; an employment discrimination lawyer can help you collect all necessary evidences and facts that can help you win the case and also draft the charge to preserve all of your future claims.

Employers may take advantage of power and their position- in the recent past, employers in most of the cities of the US like California, Los Angeles, Texas and other, employers alleged the courts to use discrimination charges as weapon against plaintiffs and push the courts. They cry and pretend being innocent in case the employee has insufficient information or evidences to prove the charge. This is where an attorney can guide in collecting sufficient, rather more than sufficient evidences so prove discrimination which can protect his right and claims.

Claims under employment discrimination- without help of a lawyer you might be able to only present claims under employment discrimination law. However, a lawyer can help you have additional claims under the state of law including assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conversion and other claims related to the employer’s conduct that are not limited to discriminatory effect of the act. A lawyer can help you determine all possible remedies and help you get maximum claim for the damage caused.

Complexities- a well-read lawyer can help you determine your position and also help you understand the complexities of employment discrimination as a small subset of law. And since these suites are difficult to win even by well-read lawyers and judges, an experienced lawyer specializing in this field can be of great help and increase your chances to win.

Employers may take advantage of you’re alone- if your employer knows that you have not hired any expert or a lawyer he might take advantage and will settle your claims for an unreasonably low amount. They do this because of the power and position they possess and may also influence the court of law.

Besides gender and complexion based discrimination, an employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles can also help you if you’re being discriminated on the basis of any disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state and local laws protect employees from such discriminations. This not only includes protection from discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, benefits or training, but also requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

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