5 Epic Email Marketing Strategies for 2016

Be it the creation of Ray Tomlinson (in 1971) or Shiva Ayyadurai (in 1978), Email is the pleasantest gift of messaging for the globe. Who would have known that it will redefine the culture of marketing! But it happened. Present scenario is its witness.

The corporate world picks it as an official platform to exchange official messages. This very world has set its eyeballs on it for taking marketing to the new height.

The year 2016 is going to be an epic year for email marketing strategies. To know how, let’s take a roundup over these predictions:

Will introduce seamlessness, remove flaws: Emails get HTML support. It is the thing of past when we could only type an email to drop. And adding pictures or animations was a not a walkover. No errors automatically get highlighted even today.

The revolutionary email marketing strategies of 2016 indicate introduction of seamlessness in emailing. Its layout will be more innovative, and revived. Possibly, the designers can drag and drop the elements, like pictures, graphs, radio buttons & other navigations. Thereby, engaging the receiver will not be a big deal.

Visual Basic is the finest example to give it a vivid description. Just image how effortless would it be to select and frame various elements in an email! Creating a mind-blowing messaging layout for marketing will be possible at the drop of hat.

It will give a stiff competition to the print and online ads. The cutting edge designs, impressive formatted banners, crispy content and apparent call to action can easily replace an ad. This is what the new email era will be.

Emails will be ultra target-oriented: Yes it’s absolutely true. Just recall what happens when the courier-boy drops a parcel at the door from any e-stall. The confirmation message rings in the customer’s smartphone immediately (For example: Your order XXXXX has been dispatched successfully). It’s what the integration of apps and products signifies.

This year, email automation will go on advancing. The minutes will cut short to seconds in this sort of automation. And even, customers will have more support of apps and emails. This integration will ensure unprecedented engagement.

For example, the customer receives his order from Amazon (an ecommerce site). The email automation gets active immediately. He receives the feedback message. It also offers option to return or not to return. If yes, click on xxxx.com (url) for immediate refund or replacement. Hence, automated email will bind the customer to the producer/distributor. Hence, it will serve the target of both parties & maximize engagement plus satisfaction at both ends.

Wish-list will be in emails: What brings the marketer in the win-win situation? They are leads. But most of the marketers struggle in achieving this goal. They fail optimizing their ad campaigns. On the other hand, the customer wants value.

Most of the websites lock the authentic details of the visitors in their CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is served as the data repository at the backend. The website owners will utilize it through machine learning. And the machine will create a database to target in future.

The available database is authentic since the actual buyers submit it themselves. It spotlights insights which further process to analysis. Therefore, the email marketers will be able to provide more personalized messages to particular customers.

Animation will trigger frequent engagement: Let’s compare two ads to understand how animations trigger engagement. One has content only while the other has no content but the animation. The latter is far ahead of the former ad in viewership.

This year, CSS3 animations will give a cutting edge to messages. Motion pictures and different transitions will attract receivers. It assures enhanced interactivity and hence, engagements.

Designers will entrust more controlling power: Like many freepik and graphicreiver.in, templates of diverse emails will be available. The designer can win half the battle of designing an interactive layout that looks appealing.

In addition, the designer will have an advanced feature of modifying its design. This feature will avail more options for fitting the email design to the bespoke frame. Thereby, the chances of responses will be more than double. It will escalate emailing automation. The quicker its layout will get ready, the quicker it can be rolled out for automation.

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