The Silence Called Death

I think about death a lot, these days I even started to look forward to mine. Death is peace, where there is no other side, there is no darkness and there is no void, when death comes, there is sorrow and there is sadness, but does sorrow last forever? Fortunately, No

When death comes comes, your body shuts down, the heart stops to pump blood and the brains stops to work, your body is at rest and so is your mind, death is peace, so when people die they say he or she is in a better place. Tbh there is no ‘place’, there is only Heaven and Hell, and I only believe that because of my religion. If you ask me I’ll say this earth is hell and the life after is just death, there is NOTHING beyond the walls, its just silence.

Death is a little loud, but not for the dead. The dead is at peace, peace in their body, peace in their minds, regardless of what they left behind. Only the living can suffer, suffering so intense that death sometimes becomes an option.

The silence from when you are alone by yourself, the silence that creeps into your head when you have messed up over and over, the silence that makes you feel at peace in that very moment. Death is a silence, but death is a lie. Death is a lie when it seems like that is your only option, death is a lie when you haven’t tried it all, death is a lie when you think all hope is lost, death is a lie when you aren’t done fighting, death is a lie when your strength isn’t out. Death might seem beautiful, but the silence called death, IS A LIE.

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