Lessons from our school workshop in a Spanish village.

On the final day of our YPBM project in Senderiz, Spain we attended a local school to replicate the local actions we had made in Poland. It was a school with 50 students that serves several villages in the region and the children have rare opportunities to meet people from other countries and to have first hand experience with intercultural learning.

We gave a workshop to a group of curious young children aged from 4 to 6 years. They were curious with many questions such as “how are the dogs in our countries” and “in which countries we have been?” The workshop ended by thanking each other and giving high fives, which in the local diallect is to “chocola”.

The following are some of our main lessons from the workshop:

I am surprised how they celebrated the idea of war and of shooting guns already at a young age and they were not so interested in the idea of peace. This is a challenge for peace education, as war can often seem exciting starting for children. — Tish
I was impressed by the fact that even young children already make associations of the nationalities of participants. They shared some nice symbols of the country. It was funny to hear from the kids about the recipe of making pizza — Floriana
I am impressed about their questions and how the kids were interested about the world, for me it’s their point of view they are somehow connected, and they wonder about animals. — Elif & Almir
It was interesting how the children have the role in their group and all of them were respecting the roles of each other. There was a funny one, the shy one and there was one situation when the children were protecting the shy one. — Federica
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