Writing test cases as a Project Manager

Though it is not recommended, for everyone should be doing what they are experienced in the most, to give a head start I try to inscribe test cases (acceptance criteria) for my QA team from time to time. Then they can iterate those for more detailed ones when they have sufficient time. ☺

Let me write down the steps I go through as a non QA, decent project team member:

  • I go over each screen in the UI documentation — thus ask the business to provide updated ones if they are missing,
  • I look at the components on every screen stating what their defaults are and what are the values to be selected/submitted are,
  • I state the wordings that should exists on each screen for this might cause a lot of bouncing in between QA and development team,
  • I work out every combination in component selection and screen transition to avoid exceptions and missed out logic,
  • I write down what to be expected after each state transition in the flow,
  • I prioritize cases for their majority,
  • I do not only look for the happy path but I also check the negative scenarios and error cases where error messages should be displayed,
  • I install the app to be tested and go through my cases to make sure I miss no points,
  • I check the cases if there is any divergence in between platforms (iOS & Android),
  • I provide the required test data for each case.

If you want to learn a more structured way to write test cases please check these links:



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