ARK the Future of Cryptocurrency with Distinct Ecosystem

ARK brings the currency back to crypto in a more promising way. The platform is derived from LISK, Crypti, and BitShares with massive development that make them highly efficient and stable core. ARK is not just a cryptocurrency; they build an ecosystem where user-friendly platform is made to promote cryptocurrency mass adoption.

The Ecosystem of ARK is consisting of ARK community, underlying token, bridged blockchains, physical card system, hypermedia protocol platform, interplanetary-scale blockchain database, constant development, optional privacy, and self-sustaining.

ARK community is where more than 30 experts with the same vision are joining to create the most valuable cryptocurrency and develop the most profitable ARK ecosystem.

> With the hard work of the experts, ARK token is fast, secure, and stable.

> Using SmartBridge, ARK will bridge other blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lisk.

> ARK want to make cryptocurrency is also able to manage off-chain transactions by utilizing physical card system.

> With protocol platform, ARK will able to enter the future of media and hosting.

> The database will be integrated into ARK for supporting best service.

> Constant improvement is essential for the team, as they want the ARK to stay fast, secure, and stable for long time.

> Optional privacy is made in order to give opportunity for the consumers to implement private transactions while increasethe reach of the ecosystem.

> Self-sustaining is developed on their tool in order to reach their goal of bringing the virtual with reality as well as provides unique services that understand the consumer individually and give the best to the individual consumer.

> With such distinct and comprehensive ecosystem, ARK sounds to be good option if you are looking for new cryptocurrency. As long as you make your calculation well and do not put high risk, this would lead you to good news.

If you interest, ARK will start their projectwith ARK Token Exchange Campaign. This is the first phase of the total five phases in ARK project. The project will last for two years but this first phase will only take 5 weeks. ARK-TEK will begin at November 7th and last at December 11th 2016. Minimum threshold for the campaign is 2000 VTC. This campaign comes along with many bonuses with LISK transactions take the highest bonus up to +120%.

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