Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

I agree on some degree with the underlining idea, but i don’t think that startups fail to focus on abuse, the problem is that we as a civilization are evolving to a decoupling of our identity. As in your example of a town square, each of the individuals can call the police, and say who their abuser is, because the identity of that person is unique and tied to his physical persona.
But we don’t leave in that world anymore in the web. We can see a trend where people have some sort of multiple personalities online, that are specific to the social media that they’re using. We’re different people in reddit, facebook. twitter, etc.
When facebook launched, it was the biggest example of attaching a true human identity online, you had your name and social connections, which made you accountable for what you said, while at the same time creates a feeling of having to mantain an almost idealist version of yourself for others to respect you. Pseudo anonymous networks don’t have that problem, you’re free to express whatever view you have freely.
The problem is that the way of handling that conversation, where you dont have a physical identity that you’re accountable for, has to be translated into other forms of representation.
Reddit for instance has a ‘good’ commenting system, paired with Karma, and other tools for managing that conversation, but it has failed to control it’s own growth. And with that failure, the new management moves aways from the initial premise of the network, ( a free place for conversation) and tries to use other forms of control, censorship, deletion of accounts, etc.
In the case of twitter, the notion of ‘know what the world is saying around you’ it’s super powerful, and with that we might try to adapt the network to what we’re used to, like verified accounts, but i think that’s a mistake. I think like you said the focus should be in understanding not only that we need to focus on abuse, but we also need to understand that the way society is moving forward the focus has to be in making new form of managing this conversations through code, because we’re in a 7 billion town square, but everyone is using different masks.

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