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OK, your are not a bigot or a hater. You are just wrong.

And guess what, the gay marriage ship has sailed. States can’t do stuff that the Supreme Court says is unconstitutional. “State’s rights” turned out to not allow states to have slavery and (it took a hundred years) did not allow states to discriminate against black people in any way they could think of, and in 1967 the 17 states with laws banning interracial marriage got told they couldn’t discriminate in those marriages either. A year ago the Supreme Court, reflecting the will of 60% of the people to some degree as they tend to do (people learn, times change, and societies move on), decided they couldn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation either. None of this is a new flash.

Gay marriage is now OK here and in most of the more advanced countries of the world. If you don’t think people should get married to someone of their sex, fine. Don’t marry someone of your own sex.

Otherwise, give it up. It’s over. It’s a done deal. If you insist on continuing to throw stones — well look up what Jesus said about that.