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I’m not sure I understand why this is such an issue for the “left”.

These campus activists are activists but they are not of the “left”. Their parents are the privileged liberals who are spending more time attacking the “left” for, among other things, supporting Bernie Sanders and revealing their sexist-racist Broism than just about anything other than the hysterical ranting about Trump and Putin. They are not of the “left”. Hillary is not “left” and neither is the Democratic Party “left”.

The sooner these folks are identified as some manifestation of neoliberal consumerist dumbed-down identity politics, the sooner the left can get on with being left and not having to constantly fend off accusations that “leftists” are ironically opposed to free speech.

Leftists aren’t. These shrieking halfwits of conservative-alt-right wetdreams are.

There is a difference.

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