Dealing With Disappointment on Back to the Future Day

Yes, just like the Jetsons debacle, we’ve suffered disappoint in a reality that did not live up to its media hype. We dealt with the lack of flying cars not parked in our modern skyscraper apartments, and now we’re saddened by the lack of simple hoverboards under our feet.

Fashion hasn’t even changed much to reflect the sleek, technologically advanced lifestyle of either projected way of life. Personally, I am a bit relieved by this. The Jetsons fashions were bad and the 2015 line of Back to the Future didn’t thrill me either.

But I know those ways of projected modern life will always exist on those alternate timelines. Doctor Who taught us it’s all wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey. Movies are just timelines we haven’t experienced. I’m a bit sad we don’t have robot maids like Rosie, and that Pepsi Perfect Cola isn’t available on Amazon today, but we still have science fiction to inspire us and shape the timeline we’re on.

Cub fans, take heart. There is a timeline upon which your city is celebrating wildly.

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