Excuse or Reason; it’s your choice.

We’ve all been through something that has latched onto our being in the form of a bad memory. In a lot of ways, these memories can plague our future, even if you think you’ve convinced yourself that the past is where it belongs: behind you.

Many times, these bad memories that have weighed us down weren’t even in our control to begin with and have never been in our control since. There has to come a point in time when we accept that these things have happened, we couldn’t do anything to change them then and we still can’t change anything now. Maybe you think there was something you could’ve done and maybe you’re right; that doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing you can do now.

That is so simple to realize, yet one of the hardest things to actually live by.

Furthermore, you can choose to either let these bad memories hinder you or inspire you as you move forward in life. Either you move forward or you stay in place and that is your choice. One thing you shouldn’t do though, is use these things that have happened to you as an excuse to be a failure. Instead, you should use them as a reason to be successful, despite what you’ve been through.

Beat the odds. Prove them wrong. Get what you deserve out of life.

Especially if these things were out of your control; why let something someone else has done have an impact on your future and overall happiness? After all, the choice is yours.