How To Talk To Asian Girls: Best Advice for Westerns

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Talking to an Asian girl for the first time can be intimidating. What are you going to say to her? What if you stutter and make a fool of yourself? The first thing to do is to banish thoughts like that from your head. Yes, you aren’t going to become suave at smooth-talking through theory alone. You have to practice with real people, and mistakes will happen. That’s okay, as long as you learn from them and have good preparation. Let’s begin with it right here and learn how to talk to Asian women!

How to chat with Asian women about everything without troubles?

The most important thing about a conversation is having common ground to speak about. Usually, that’s about interests. If you want to get to know more about an Asian girl, it’s a good idea to talk about her background because each Asian ethnicity has vast differences in their traditions, clothing, and even family values and marriage culture. These are the things you should brush up on before starting a conversation.

how to talk to Asian women

Asian food

Depending on which Asian country your love interest is from, you’ll get to experience a plethora of different dishes. If she’s Vietnamese, expect to try out Pho, which is a type of soup with rice noodles. If she’s from Japan, obviously sushi will be a mainstay, and, surprisingly, KFC on Christmas. If she’s Indian, parathas and chili chicken, as well as biryanis will be your new favorite meals. Just know you won’t ever be complaining about a lack of flavor if you’re hanging out with Asian girls.


No matter where in Asia you’re from, relationships are seen as a big deal, and by extension, so are marriages. Getting divorced is something seen as extremely shameful in Asia, and most women don’t even consider getting into a relationship unless they can see themselves getting married to the guy. If an Asian girl is willing to start a relationship with you, she’s taking a leap of faith and putting her trust in you that you’ll be the man she spends forever with.

Family values

Asian family values are different from American ones. Asian families often stay together with their whole lives. Even after their kids get married, the parents will still live close or even move into their kids’ new home. Most Asians don’t leave their parents’ home till they’re married. If the kids have to move away for college, they still call every day. That kind of closeness is much rarer in American families. Committing your parents to old age homes is completely unheard of in Asian families.

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More helpful tips on how to talk to Asian women

tips to talk to asian girls

The key things to keep in mind are the same as with any other girl:

  • Be confident when you speak. Stammering, looking nervous and having a meek voice won’t make you look attractive to anyone. Keep your chin up, speak with authority. Asian girls love confident men.
  • Begin with small talk. You can’t go up to a girl and immediately start talking about deep things like what they want out of life. Start slow, and then build your way up when the opportunity arises.
  • Hold eye contact. But don’t stare in a way that makes them uncomfortable. This means while you’re holding eye contact, smile, say their name, and keep making conversation. Simply looking a girl right in the eye while not saying anything can be unnerving, especially if it’s the first time she’s meeting you.

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It’s that easy to learn how to talk to an Asian girl? Now, yes! When you have a basic idea of how things are in Asian countries generally, you’ll be able to talk to an Asian girl and ask about her nationality and traditions specifically without coming off as ignorant. Try it out and enjoy the results!



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