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There are so many different ways you could make your guy feel very well taken care of.

You can be really forward when you’re initiating sex, then fold and bend yourself in all his favorite positions.

Surprising him with an impromptu blowjob will usually do the trick, too.

You could…

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Opening myself up to dating again was extremely exciting. Then it became complicated.

The thought of crushing on someone made me get out of bed more quickly each morning.

Fantasizing about multiple partners gave me hope that I could fulfill all my romantic and dirty fantasies.

Actually flirting with other…

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Sex in bed is pretty good.

You’re fucking on a comfortable surface. There’s enough room to move around, switch positions, and do all sorts of naughty stuff.

It’s decent.

But it’s also got its limits. …

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If you asked me two years ago, I would’ve told you I’m an ass girl.

It’s not like I had a butt fetish or anything like that. It was just a preference.

The fact is that women are hot from head to toe. From their pigtails and bonnets all the…

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I love making an affiliate sale. Not just for the obvious reason, but also because I’m kind of nosey.

Promoting products through my blog, my podcast, and my newsletter is one of the ways I support myself and keep all this content going. …

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I’ve ruined a lot of sex for myself.

I’m the kind of girl who’s very prone to anxiety. I get nervous and flustered in pretty much any situation. I’m constantly getting caught up in my head. I can be super self-conscious and second guess everything.

It was the same during…

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I haven’t received an unsolicited dick pic in a while. It’s been nice.

But back when I did get the occasional unwanted hog, I got the sense that guys were sending them for different reasons.

Some of them clearly wanted something out of me.

They were hoping I’d flatter them…

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If you’d rather read a version of this post with nudity and naughty links, check out the version posted to my blog.

I wish I could say that I would’ve been a porn trailblazer if I had the chance.

That if I found myself in the right place and at…

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I’ve got a pretty controversial opinion. I’m actually kind of nervous about sharing it.

It has to do with penetrative orgasms.

We all know that lots and lots of women can’t come from penetration — or at least, they can’t come from penetration alone.

Getting dicked down is some really…

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I’ve been sucking the same cock for years. And I’m pretty sure it’s the only one I’ll be sucking for a good long while.

That doesn’t mean it’s boring or anything — not even close.

I still love taking my husband in my mouth as foreplay, to get me extra…

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