We’re having Twins and Current Events

Greetings Universe! Love and Light to all my friends and loved ones around the Universe. I hope you are doing well. Yesterday we found out we’re having twins. A boy and girl. We’re naming them Michael and Emmeline after me and my husband, Michael Jon Susanno. No wonder I’ve been eating so much these last three months. I thought I was having one large baby, when in fact, we’re having twins. Twins run in our family. I have twin aunts, nieces, and cousins. We are ecstatic and feel truly blessed especially since they will be born on my husband’s birthday, this May.

So I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. I wondered about the mix-up in the awards. I didn’t watch any of the films. I haven’t watched any new films in the last two years. Anyway, Congrats to all the winners :)

We had a delicious gourmet Italian dinner tonight which I made. My family loved it :)

I’m in the arts & crafts room with Matt working on making Thank You Cards for all the guests who attended Leo’s first birthday party yesterday. I’m drinking Chamomile Tea and eating French Macaroons. I’m constantly eating and drinking because I’m eating for 3. hehe. Matt and I are going to continue what we’re doing for another hour. It’s great having a Personal Assistant.

My husband and I are pursuing a number of new entrepreneur business ventures. We already have a number of businesses. That’s why we can afford the luxury we own.

You have to hustle and build to get paid and get the goods, my friends.

I’m going to read my latest book before I go to bed. Well, start reading it. It’s a biography on our first President, George Washington.

Everyone have a good one!

Love and Light


Emma and Family

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