Using your iPad or iPhone can be Costly if you do not know how to Lower Data Usage

High data usage can make your phone bill go up and to cut down this cost, make use of these tips when you are operating your iPad/iPhone.

  1. Avoid using iCloud to share documents and data on iphone among your devices by going to the Setting — iCloud — iCloud — disable “Use of Cellular Data”;
  2. Only download or make updates when you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Therefore in the Settings, go to App and iTunes Stores — Turn off “Use Cellular Data”;
  3. Disable the Wi-Fi Assist option, which becomes active when the Wi-Fi connection is poor. Go to the Settings — Cellular — turn off Wi-Fi Assist;
  4. Know which apps in your phone consume most data and choose to disable or monitor them. Nevertheless, such apps, which you find are not necessary, choose to disable them;
  5. Your smart device can also consume much data when apps update in the background. This is preventable by disabling the processes. Just go to the Settings — General — Background App Refresh — Disable;
  6. Avoid the practice of streaming music of high quality. The more quality the music is, the larger its file is and the larger this file is, the more data it consumes when streaming it. Choose to avoid this by opening the Settings — Music — disable High Quality on Cellular. Go further and disable “Use Cellular Data” to only use Wi-Fi to stream Music;
  7. Be cautious of autoplay settings that automatically play shared videos on social media. These settings consume much data. Disable the autoplay video settings.
  8. If you want to avoid making use of cellular data entirely, just turn it off by going to the Settings — Cellular — Turn Cellular Data Off;

Note that there are more ways to prevent unnecessary cellular data usage but those listed are the major ones.