Implementing SharePoint in Pharmaceuticals Industry

In today’s market, pharmaceutical companies are faced with major challenges like the rising customer expectations, aged business models, infrastructure barriers in the society and many others.

There is a culture of mistrust directed towards what’s called big pharma in general, and not without reasons. But at the same time there is a dire need of society for the pharmaceutical goods. And most companies are now trying to win back customer approval and thrive in the newly emerging market by all means necessary.

Most of the big names in the industry have recognized the potential and the effectiveness of CMS (content/document management system) implemented on all levels of production. The goal of deploying any CMS is to streamline the processes across the company and to provide it with a warehouse of systematically stored up-to-date information.

And of course, some might say that any firm might require some variation of CMS, but any pharma company is dealing with incredible supply chain volumes, hundreds, if not thousands of various components for mass production of medication, analysis, logistics, vicious QA, and logistics of astronomical scales.

Therefore even the smallest pharmaceutical company would require a CMS solution that works flawlessly like a Swiss clock. Best example, and most widely used around the world is SharePoint.

SharePoint is a good example of such solutions. If implemented properly, it can elevate certain areas of pharmaceutical business such as:

R&D Collaboration

Most companies of this industry are international or at least deal with suppliers and testing laboratories around the globe. So your company needs to think globally and in multiple time zones.

Plus with hierarchical taxonomies all the data can be classified and organized in a meaningful way. Any life-science organization will depend on a systemically structured database that can be accessed and managed easily.

Speed Up Production Life Cycle

Streamlining and automating some key processes will boost the speed of performing a great number of tasks at your organization. With high velocity SharePoint performance, all logistics and administrative work can go smoothly, essentially reducing time to market.


As it was already mentioned, a pharmaceutical company is constantly faced with high volumes of data, a very high bar of quality expectations and, on top of all, government regulations. So utilizing the CMS’s capabilities when it comes to audits is not like a friendly advice, it’s a prescription.


And finally, we’ve come to the security that SharePoint might provide to pharmaceutical companies. Big players in this market not only keep some private corporate data but also information regarding secret scientific research as well as unique and exclusive methods of manufacturing. Therefore, high levels of security that SharePoint is fully compliant with makes it an ideal CMS.

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