Must-Have SharePoint and Office 365 Apps Vol.2

Last month we started the discussion on the topic of the best applications that you can have for your SharePoint or Office 365. And to be honest, this is a long list because there are a lot of great apps out on the market right now. But probably we will only talk about either essentials or exceptional.

And of course, there is no way that this list will please everybody because everyone has their own opinion about how SharePoint must work, what needs to be included and that the app they already have is most perfect.

This is not purely subjective, as we base this list on stats and surveys collected from dozens of various companies across the entire industry spectrum. But, to be honest, we might squeeze one or two favorites up on the list a little bit.

So let us not waste any more time and jump right to Vol.2 of the best applications for SharePoint and Office 365.


A relatively new and fresh product on the market that has become incredibly popular. Sway is the app that allows you to create interactive reports and presentations with rich multimedia capabilities. Extremely simple UI and beautiful design made it one of the top-selling apps in the Microsoft store.

Now, seeing how Office 365 and SharePoint are predominantly business oriented platforms, and the application is somewhat out of this league, the logical question arises: why would we pick it and put it on our list? Because it is now widely used in educational institutions, especially schools, as a go-to tool for presentation construction.

SharePoint Mobile App

You knew that this one was coming at some point. If you have SharePoint, this application is a MUST-HAVE. It allows employees to connect to SharePoint Online sites from their mobile devices and have access to the content, though with somewhat limited functionality. One thing, though, and this one is important! You need to have OneDrive App already installed for it to work.


Running on the SharePoint platform, this is a full CRM app with three different versions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Tons of various solutions of customizable nature and so much more. This is the go-to app for enterprises because the top version makes the competition look like children.

Skype for Business

Sometimes the obvious ones are the best. It surprises us that some businesses are actually willing to pay for an additional communication software, when Skype for Business is already embedded in Office 365, most of its plans at least. It is by far one of the most efficient and secure methods of corporate communication available to businesses today.

And that concludes our second list of what we think are must-have applications for SharePoint and Office 365. We guess there is still room for at least one more list, but all in due time. For now, if you’re interested in SharePoint and Office365 related services such as:

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