Quartz worktops are an interior designer’s favourite

Most home decor specialists in Surrey swear by the brilliance and class of Quartz worktops. Whether you are looking for an affordable variety of your home kitchen, bathroom or office pantry, there is something about this mineral compound that simply catches the eyes!

A professional interior designer or a kitchen interior specialist would advise you on the benefits of installing quartz worktops in your kitchen more than any other material. It is not just a safe bet it is beautiful and durable at the same time. They become a professional choice for more than one reason for sure!

For that exquisite white affair…

Quartz has caught the fancy of the people in Surrey over the years. Quartz worktops have grown exponentially in demand for their class and elegance. The white hue in the kitchen gives it a regal appeal and you can’t help but flaunt the kitchen interiors to your guests. You might even find yourself treating them with your cookies more inside the kitchen than in the living area.

Quartz worktops look captivating and alluring with their rich white ensemble along with the pristine shine that they exude. You can find both affordable and luxury variety of the kitchen and bathroom worktops made up of Quartz. There is also a great demand of quartz worktop maintenance specialists as you wish to keep them in great shape and order throughout the year.

Quartz never used to be the traditional kitchen or bathroom worktop material. Granite and stone worktops were among the common varieties that were used by designers, home renovators and maintenance or repair experts for kitchen worktops. Over a period of time, quartz gained popularity and there was a visible shift in its usage in jewellery to that in kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, vanity tops, etc.

It is the luxurious look and the finesse in the mineral that makes quartz an appealing choice for the interior designers. Both the popularity as well as the usage of the material has gained pace in the recent times. Homeowners even vouch for the material owing to the rich class and beauty exhibited by the quartz worktops especially the white quartz worktops.

In case, you are wondering about the price of quartz worktops, then they don’t cost you a million. There are definitely one of the most sought after varieties of kitchen and bathroom worktops, but they are available with long lasting durability as well. It is a sound investment that a home owner or a commercial property owner makes in his kitchen or pantry that attracts compliments and appreciation from all quarters.

However, it is important to understand that the selection of the right quartz worktop specialist in Surrey makes or breaks the real outcome of this kitchen installation. Compare not just the prices and warranty but also look for the knowledge and market reputation of a quartz worktop specialist in Surrey. A professional white quartz worktop expert has industry experience along with in-depth knowledge of identifying and using the right material and in the best proportion and design for your kitchen or bathroom worktops.