Management Competencies in Organization

Managerial competences is set of skills and knowledge that is required at different levels of business operations for the decision making process and for business management. In 21st century managers or managerial persons shall possess certain competencies for discharging their duties effectively and to gain effectiveness in their duties. Managers are expected to have more of people handling or team management skills i.e. to manage others to achieve objectives. There are some generic skills that manager or managerial person shall possess and this also includes ability to manage and understand emotions of self and of others. Requirement of managerial competencies are divided into three broader areas i.e. cluster, competency and threshold competency and each requires different set of skills and capabilities.

As we are aware that, business operations of organisations is conducted in competitive working environment and ever changing environment. In order to cope with the changing and complex external business environment, manager or managerial person requires develop some competencies in order to survive in the organisation. Some of the required managerial comp entices are ability to read business environment, proactive or advance management, managerial person shall promote innovation, creativity and learning, shall possess skills of managing complex situations or complexities, etc. These are some examples of managerial competencies required by the organisation. Another most important managerial competency that manager shall possess is to look forward or ahead, identify weakness and strength of the business organisation, identify issues and their solution, etc.

As per IBSA Report, new thinking and areas of development is identified in the 21st century business organisations. There are many new developed aspects which is required to lead and mange people of the business organisation by the managers or managerial people. New aspects are staff engagement, networking strategy, management of modifications, maintenance of ethics and morals, management of personal and team emotions, development of emotional intelligence, etc are required to be established by managers.

Another aspect of managerial competencies in the management or mangers is ability to link their skills and ability with the demand of job or with job description. Managers having managerial competencies are of no use if they are not able to link or use in performing duties. Competencies are required to be applied on day to day operations, in specific job, for specific demand, etc. There are various jobs that managers are required to perform in the business organisation and managers shall perform their task with high competencies. Therefore manager shall employ competencies while planning, controlling, motivating, organising and coordinating i.e. these are major job of managers in the organisation. In order to serve organisation with high level of competencies or with effective performance, manager shall maintain balance between individual performances, job demand or job requirement and environment in which organisation operates. Therefore it is noted that managerial competencies are not fixed but they shall vary according to the demand and changing nature of business organisation. Up-gradation and amendments are required in the skills or competencies that manager possess.

Management competencies can be defined as the ability to meet organizational objectives, and maintain levels of performance to the employee

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