Recruitment Process in Hotel Industry

One of the prime functions of Human Resource Management is recruitment and selection which makes Hotel Hilton capable of hiring the suitable and capable employees for the hotel and of performing its responsibilities as required. This article involves the discussion of Job Description and person’s specification and the match between the two so that the main objectives of the hotel can be achieved. In this article we will discuss the recruitment and selection process of hotel Hilton.

Discuss a job description and person specification for a hotel industry job

Job description can be referred to the list of functions and roles which a person need to fulfill in a job. It involves the reporting of a person to the higher authority and the skills and qualities required. It also includes what salary a person will get for a particular job. Person specification can be termed as the qualifications of the person which is required to perform the duties of a job. It is a part of the process of recruitment function

During the recruitment of an employee at Hotel Hilton Stratford, the job description and person specification are prepared.

Job Description (Hotel Front Desk Supervisor)

Position: Front Desk Supervisor

Reporting to: Front Desk Manager

Summary of Job: The job requires the Front desk supervisor to manage the operations of the hotel smoothly and provide excellent services to the guests so that they provide positive feedback about the hotel and brand loyalty is created. Professional attitude is demanded from the Front desk manager and he is expected to manage the accounts of guests, give billing instructions to the team and to guide the team for providing efficient services.

Roles and responsibilities of Front desk supervisor

The roles and responsibilities of Front desk supervisor of Hotel Hilton Stratford are given as below:

To provide excellent customer care services 24*7

To maintain cordial relationships between the team members

To provide delightful experience to the clients and customers

To provide solutions to the customer complaints

To respond to the customer queries and to provide genuine suggestions to them by offering better deals

To take the responsibilities of Front desk manager in case of his absence.

To report to the Front desk manager

Job specification

The job position of Front desk supervisor requires following qualifications and requirements to get selected for the post:

Job experience: The candidate should have experience of at least 2 years in the well-known 5 star hotel.

Education: The candidate must possess bachelor’s degree from a well-known educational institute in the subject related to hospitality management.

Personal qualities and characteristics: the person should have excellent communication skills, good personality, good confidence level, and skills like critical thinking and decision making at tough times

The person will be judged on the basis of his/ her professional attitude.

The candidate having the following specifications will be interviewed and tested and will be selected if he crosses all the levels and basis of selection. This will give a competitive edge to the hotel in the industry and will help in its growth. It reduces the costs of the organization and will increase the profitability. These processes help the hotel to select the best candidate to fill the vacant positions in the industry.

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